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Professional Pet Grooming Services Gold Coast QLD!

Dog grooming in Gold Coast QLD provides the highest quality grooming services to ensure that your pet’s health is maintained well as you keep your pet clean. Bathing and grooming your dog or puppy will not only help them have a healthy life but you and your family as well. Our dog groomers in Gold Coast train your dog to enjoy bathing and grooming.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Gold Coast QLD

With our professional pet groomers, we make sure brushing is pleasant and soothing for your dog. Whether it is a puppy or a dog, our expert pet groomers believe it is a good idea to use a suitable sized toothbrush and paste for teeth cleaning.

Dog Nail Trimming, Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning

As every dog requires a different approach, we utilize a variety of tools to clip the nails of your dog and pet stylists ensure to trim the nails of your dog. At our pet salon, we use only recommended dog ear cleaning solution and powder that can break up any waxy build-up and kill bacteria.

Dog Washing Gold Coast

In our dog grooming salon, our groomers have the skills to make your dog comfortable before they start grooming. After that, our pet groomers begin with brushing the fur, cleaning the ears, and clipping the nails, and your pet is ushered into a bath. Your doggy is washed with dog shampoo to remove scale, debris and loose hair. Next, we apply a dog conditioner and rinse it thoroughly. Our groomer uses a towel and blow dry and brushes the hair to make your dog ready to a stylish haircut.

Dog Shows

To meet the requirements of dog shows, you should keep your dog clean and hygiene. If you are sure of preparing your dog for a show, we begin the grooming process for your dog well in advance. Our groomers get into the habit of de-moult to shed excessive hair, de-matting to remove tangles and mats on your dog’s body, touching him, look into his ears, spread his paws to ensure that he is groomed and prepared for a big day.

Show Dog Groomers

We offer excellent dog grooming haircut that stands out. If you looking to participate in dog shows and looking for styles that are unique and differ from ordinary, we provide the best styles. At our pet salon, our pet stylists are experienced to understand your needs and pet needs and assure to give truly an impressive look for your pets.

  • Asian haircut known as box cut, where the dog’s hair around the head and other areas are cut to give the appearance of squares or cubes.
  • In Korean haircut, your doggy is groomed to look like a Barbie doll and this includes adding ties, braids, flowers, brooches, and other decorations.
  • With Japanese styled grooming, groomers implement different ways to ensure that your dog looks adorable and soft like a teddy bear.


If the dog is an inside dog then it is advisable to bath it once a week. If you have an outside dog then every 2-3 months is acceptable if it is not a long haired breed.

Minimum every 6 weeks & every 4 weeks in high summer. You can also alternate between a Face Feet and Tail and a Full Clip year round. Over the summer period a dog should be clipped 3 to 4 times over the summer months in Queensland.

Yes, they can become depressed due to their inability to move freely as matting under the arms and hind legs restricts movement. The skin in extreme cases can become Necrotic and die off causing septicemia. This will be a very expensive visit to the Vet.

This is a common skin condition experienced by dogs that have very sensitive skins. It generally occurs in the nether regions by either young dogs who’s skin is not yet conditioned to being shaved or white and apricot breeds.

Hot Spots are caused by an infection of the epidermis. Caused by either fleas, mites or matting. It becomes a breeding ground for Bacteria which is exacerbated by excessive scratching due to the nails breaking the skin of the animal during scratching and therefore leaving the door open to infection.

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