Price List



  • Tub & Towel Dry From $25
  • Beauty Baths From $35
  • Face Feets & Tails From $65
  • Full Groom From $75
  • Style Cut / Hard Scisson From $85
  • Laradoodles & Large Oodles POA


  • Specialty Organic Shampoos From $5
  • Non Toxic Medicated Shampoo From $10
  • Teeth Cleaning From $15
  • Dematting From $15
  • Color & Design POA

Excessive dematting starts @ $50

Spa Treatments

  • Mud Bath From $65
  • Deshedding From $65
  • Blueberry Facial From $20


If the dog is an inside dog then it is advisable to bath it once a week. If you have an outside dog then every 2-3 months is acceptable if it is not a long haired breed.

Minimum every 6 weeks & every 4 weeks in high summer. You can also alternate between a Face Feet and Tail and a Full Clip year round. Over the summer period a dog should be clipped 3 to 4 times over the summer months in Queensland.

Yes, they can become depressed due to their inability to move freely as matting under the arms and hind legs restricts movement. The skin in extreme cases can become Necrotic and die off causing septicemia. This will be a very expensive visit to the Vet.

This is a common skin condition experienced by dogs that have very sensitive skins. It generally occurs in the nether regions by either young dogs who’s skin is not yet conditioned to being shaved or white and apricot breeds.

Hot Spots are caused by an infection of the epidermis. Caused by either fleas, mites or matting. It becomes a breeding ground for Bacteria which is exacerbated by excessive scratching due to the nails breaking the skin of the animal during scratching and therefore leaving the door open to infection.

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