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Accurate quotes are only given on a pre-grooming assessment. Please feel free to drop in with your pup or make an appointment time.

At Petz With Pizazz we bath your dog the old fashioned way. The dog is wet down in the comfort of a large bath with fresh warm water that is never recycled. We use only the best soap free shampoo to rid the coat of dirt and parasites. Their coats are either whitened or conditioned where necessary and rinsed clean. While they are in the bath we clean their ears and express their anal glands. They are then thoroughly dried with a warm blow dryer and spritzed with doggy cologne.

* Prices vary where dematting and behaviour are an issue.

We do not sedate animals for clipping, Please contact your veterinarian for more information.

Important Salon Information

  • Please try and be on time for your appointment
  • If you need to cancel an appointment that is fine but we do require 24 hours notice or a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Please try not to feed your dog before their groom & toilet your dog before arrival.
  • It is not a good idea to take your dog to the beach, lake, pool or park prior to grooming. Wet or excessively soiled coats can make grooming difficult and sand can blunt our blades and scissors.
  • Please DO NOT arrive early to pick up your pet, as they can smell you when you enter the salon and will try to get to you when we are attempting to finish the groom. Jumping puppies and sharp scissors don’t mix !!
  • Please understand when booking your pet in we always need a few days notice and we need them for a four to five hour minimum, maybe even longer in busy periods.
  • All dogs are caged after they are groomed, not only for their own protection but to reduce the transference of parasites after their baths.
  • Please do not panic if your pet exhibits clipper rash in the nether regions after being groomed. These are not cuts. Dogs, who are not groomed regularly i.e. every 5 to 6 weeks, have skin that is not conditioned to being shaved. Although White and Apricot hair breeds tend to be more hyposensitive it can happen to any animal. This is the animal equivalent of bikini rash and will disappear within a couple of days. This can also happen around the eye area especially when there is evidence of excessive moisture, infection or lack of grooming. When the hair is cut away the angry looking and at times infected skin is exposed.
  • If we have to shave an animal because they are badly matted or have double coats, be prepared for your dog to at times exhibit a skin reaction and sometimes have a bit of a personality change after this procedure. Some dogs don’t like being naked!
  • Badly matted dogs are susceptible to nicks and cuts as the matting puckers the skin underneath the coat. Although we are very careful we are unable to see the skin under matted coats and nicks may occur as a result. If this happens we treat all nicks with Betadine and ask that you apply antiseptic cream to the affected area. To avoid this happening please home groom your dog regularly and brush out all knots prior to bathing.
  • A dogs nails need to be clipped back every two to three weeks at home if they are not naturally worn down by walking on footpaths. If you only have them clipped back when your dog is professionally groomed every 6 to 8 weeks then the nail bed may have grown down into the end of the nail resulting in the quick being cut and possibly causing ‘a bleeder’. If the nail starts bleeding after you get your pup home push the nail into a block of ordinary household soap and hold for a few seconds.
  • Louise is a ‘Certified Master Groomer’ and her staff are formally qualified to groom your dog to the ‘Australian & International Standard’. If you do not like the groom please discuss this with us within 24 hours of the procedure if you have some concerns.
  • Boy dogs will receive bandannas and girl dogs will receive bows. If you don’t like either bows or bandannas please remove them when you get home.
  • Although we try to keep your costs to a minimum you will be charged extra if we have to de-matt to achieve the style you have requested. This is charged at a rate of $10 for every 10-minute block. We are Closed Sundays and Tuesdays


If the dog is an inside dog then it is advisable to bath it once a week. If you have an outside dog then every 2-3 months is acceptable if it is not a long haired breed.

Minimum every 6 weeks & every 4 weeks in high summer. You can also alternate between a Face Feet and Tail and a Full Clip year round. Over the summer period a dog should be clipped 3 to 4 times over the summer months in Queensland.

Yes, they can become depressed due to their inability to move freely as matting under the arms and hind legs restricts movement. The skin in extreme cases can become Necrotic and die off causing septicemia. This will be a very expensive visit to the Vet.

This is a common skin condition experienced by dogs that have very sensitive skins. It generally occurs in the nether regions by either young dogs who’s skin is not yet conditioned to being shaved or white and apricot breeds.

Hot Spots are caused by an infection of the epidermis. Caused by either fleas, mites or matting. It becomes a breeding ground for Bacteria which is exacerbated by excessive scratching due to the nails breaking the skin of the animal during scratching and therefore leaving the door open to infection.

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